Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these kits legal?

A: Yes, use of this bracket will satisfy your state's legal requirements to run a front license plate.

What isn't legal is to place the plate on the dash or sun visor, chop the plate down, replace it with a sticker or other rendition. The plate must be displayed unmodified from how it is issued by the DMV.

Q: How do I order two brackets? Is there a shipping savings?

A: Order the brackets separately. There is no savings due to the flat-rate USPS mailers we us. It actually costs more to bundle items and send them by-weight, than to use flat-rate shippers. For multiple small items ordered from our parts page, we may (at our discretion) combine them and rebate shipping according to final weight.

Q: What's the difference between standard and lightened kits?

A: Lightened kits have an additional row of mounting holes which allows for more mounting positions, including vertical mounting positions for the quick release. Lightened plates are recommended for cars with front parking sensors, or if you are someone that changes cars every few years and want to take your plate kit with you (there are certain vehicles that require the lightened plate due to sensors). Lastly, the lightened plates are physically lighter by about 4 ounces which doesn't sound like much but is quite noticable when you hold the two side-by-side. Whenever asked, we always recommend the Lightened plate. We also always recommend the quick release. It's just a solid system, and that way you never have to worry about your plate when washing it or taking it to a dealer (you just remove it when you drop it off at the dealership).

Q: My car isn't listed, do you have a kit that will work?

A: We don't. The bolt piece in each kit specific to that car. Both threading and shaft length determine fitment and it varies widely between manufacturers and even among models.

Q: My plate doesn't spin off, am I doing something wrong?

A: Only some of the Porsche sports car brackets spin off due to the design of their bumpers. We fit every bracket to be as close to the bumper as possible which is why we designed the swivel into the bolt head. There are several reasons to do this, such as not tripping parking sensors and keeping the plate close to the bumper so it doesn't create a hazard.

Q: Do I need the quick release adapater?

A: Quick releases are not required, but they do make install and removal easier. We also recommend them for owners that use automatic car washes as the plate should be removed prior to washing. More information on car washes is available in the next FAQ entry.

Q: Are brackets "car wash safe"?

A: There are too many types of car washes and too many ways a plate can be setup for us to state definitively that they are safe. We have run our brackets through several car washes without incident, but there are setup tips for making it safer. Extreme plate positions, such as far-right or far-left setups, can allow the spinning brushes of car washes to generate significant amounts of leveraged force. This can bend your license plate, bend the bracket itself, or even break the bracket's bolt. For car washes we highly recommend getting the quick release adapter and removing the plate prior to washing.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: See this link for our return policy.

Q: I see you're in Seattle, can I do a local pickup?

A: Unfortunately not.

Q: Do you make these brackets yourself?

A: While the design is ours, the manufacturing and finishing of the parts are done by several excellent machine shops. The upside is that our brackets are professional in every way. The downside is that we can't accomodate custom or one-off design requests.

Q: Are your brackets compatible with european (EU) plates?

A: Our brackets are cut and drilled for North American 12"x6" license plates only. The longer EU plates (4"x20") are not well suited for a tow hook mount due to the width. Occassionally people use one of our brackets as a temporary solution for cars they are picking up in europe, but otherwise we don't recommend them.

Q: If the bracket can be spun off, what's to stop someone from stealing it?

A: While we haven't had a report of a stolen bracket, a determined thief will stop at nothing. In the late 90's VW emblems were being pryed from their permanent mounting places in the grills of cars. Tow plate brackets only fit specific cars (usually your car) so they are not such an easy thing to sell to others. Because of this, they are generally left alone.

Q: Do you ship to Mexico or South America?

A: Unfortunately we don't. Approximately 60% of parcels sent to these regions are reported undelivered by their recipients so we no longer offer shipping there. If you have a US address, we can ship to it instead.

Q: My bolt broke, what now?

A: Bolts are designed to break if subject to a significant impact. Someone backing into your vehicle while parking may constitute such an impact. Replacements bolts are available here. To remove the broken bolt shaft from your bumper, tamp a suitably sized 12-point socket on to the end of the bolt and wrench it off (remember that on some vehicles the threading is anti-clockwise). Pliers or visegrips can also be used.

Q: Why are you (or aren't you) collecting sales tax?

A: Depending on the state, we may collect sales tax. If we do not collect tax and your state has retail sales tax, then you may be required to pay an equivalent use tax to your state for the transaction (check your local laws for more information).

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